Spoken words have power based on how they are used, the intonation used and so many other factors.

Words in print take on a whole other level of interpretation and complexity. No ones voice is there to influence how you feel about the words or what you think about the combination of words.

Then there is the typograpghy used which, like music, can set the tone for how you feel about the words.

Take this quote for example. "I Do A Thing Called What I Want" with a bit of an edgy script. Some people may resonate with this quote and say "Ya, that's me". The words could even be inspirational.

Some people may think it's a little strong and others might be perplexed as to what it means to the person living in the space.

No matter how others view a quote you like enough to display in your home, the only thing of importance is that the words generate the feelings that you want to feel when you read the words.

 It's your personal space. Fill it up with your personal power.