The little black dress never seems to go away but other colors come and go.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the clothing store, the furniture store, an accessory shop or a décor magazine. Black never seems to lose its appeal. Color attracts but it would be interesting to see how many people leave with the black version over the colored option.

Why the fascination with black?

My theory is that black is actually calming. Black tones down loud colors. It’s so versatile you don’t get tired of it. You can always mix it up with other colors for a different look then go back to your base of black.

Seasonal items stand out and holiday decorations look more festive giving a fresh look.

I also think just about everyone looks great in black, even kids. There’s something about the look whether it’s classic or contemporary. Black is always in.  

It’s a good move to have black as a wardrobe foundation and décor baseline. It’s a lot easier to add accessories like a belt or a pillow to change things up. It beats scraping it all to start over because the color is tiring or out of fashion.

Not everyone agrees. If they did we wouldn’t have such a churning fashion or home décor industry.

I totally love seeing all the colorful designs in clothing and products for the home that change for every season. Keeps things fresh.

While I like to throw color in here and there, black will always be my mainstay.